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About Us


In 2010, PivotPoint Solutions LLC was organized with the following MISSION:To help people facing the complexities of today's job market recognize their potential, identify and explore their career options and achieve their career goals in the shortest time possible.  

We understand that the services we provide impact the lives of those we serve and their families.  We are committed to delivering effective, meaningful and affordable services to each individual client and corporate customer.   

Our delivery model is designed to support the unique needs of each individual client regardless of their generational category.  We utilize a career management approach supported by a foundation of unlimited personal coaching by an experienced coach who will be there for every critical step and decision point.

We will encourage each client to identify and explore their career options - looking beyond the obvious.

Our comprehensive outplacement services include, but are not limited to, career assessment, personal brand development, resume and marketing collateral, marketing plan development, job search assistance, networking strategies including social media, and negotiating techniques.

Selecting the best outplacement firm and the best career coach is paramount to a successful job search and/or career change.  The reputation of the firm is important, but equally important is partnering with a career coach who can deliver up-to-date content and advice that is relevant to the needs and expectations of each individual client.  Our career coaches know the difference in Process and SUCCESS​.

Throughout my 25 year career in the Outplacement and HR Consulting Industry, I was fortunate to have worked for three top Global firms.  Each with their own unique qualities.  I met and learned from many extremely talented business developers, career counselors, organizational development consultants, and leadership coaches.  These experiences and relationships played a significant role in the development of our high touch business model and our Core Values ... the foundation of the work we do.

Integrity   Accountability   Quality   Collaboration   Customer Focus

Our associates are comprised of seasoned professionals, distinguished by their business expertise, relevant background and experiences in real-time business situations across a number of industries.   

Our associates bring to both our corporate customers and clients a manager's perspective and understanding of their issues combined with a consultant's expertise to develop solutions.  How we listen is what enables us to ensure satisfaction in what we deliver.  


Our services will be fueled by an unwavering commitment to draw upon the power of real world applicable experiences from our coaches integrated with the knowledge our clients share about the challenges they face to make our deliverables current, meaningful, and effective.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement


​Ben Ligon, President