A Career Management and Outplacement Company

What Really Matters

When personal and professional goals are in harmony with personal strengths and weaknesses you will make a more convincing impression and be more successful in your next job - and beyond.

For an Outplacement Client

Experiencing a job loss creates a pivotal moment in a person's life.  Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the job search process is extremely important.  Navigating through the complexities of today's job market requires a continuous focus and....... 

  • A career coach who will be there for every critical step and decision point  
  • A coach who will listen and offer effective, meaningful advice 
  • A coach who promotes empowerment and accountability  
  • A coach who will focus on personal branding development

For a Corporate Customer

Downsizing, restructuring, and staff reductions, while unfortunate, are often necessary difficult business decisions.  Selecting the right outplacement provider is very important.  We support our corporate customers by helping to:

  • Maintain Brand Equity & Reputation
  • Minimize Employee Litigation
  • Decrease Turnover
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Support HR with Notification Training
  • Manage On-Site Day of Notification